20 April 2012

Eat: Wake up and Grind It

Awake from a slumber! Sleeping is great. Sometimes waking up isn't so great. But breakfast should be. Especially if you can wangle a seat at Grind It on a beautiful sunny autumn weekend.

Grind It at Glenelg is a very popular spot and rightly so. The food is fantastic. The chai lattes are perfect. The find and secure a seat game is strategic. This is not a place for people in a rush or groups of more than four but, if you've got time up your sleeve and friends who don't mind bumping elbows, you will be rewarded. Eventually.

Here's what you might like to order. From top left clockwise – Fruit salad & yoghurt, French toast with fresh pear, Club BLT with avocado & poached egg and Polenta Johnny cakes.

Our share plate spin on the Johnny cakes.

I've been steadily making my way through the menu on each of my visits and I'm yet to be disappointed. Two thumbs up.

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