10 July 2012

Do: Stay Heaps Good Adelaide

Well, Adelaide, it's been real. But now I'm moving. It's not you, it's definitely me. A new adventure awaits so it's time for a quick goodbye, a firm handshake and one final drink. Preferably a local drop.

I'm off to the motherland. London calling. And Edinburgh. And Paris. And Brussels. And Berlin. You get the idea.

So this is my farewell post. Farewell for now, at least. I'm not sure when I'll be back, but you can safely assume my first stop will be here.

Since starting up That's Adelaide, I've been blown away by the positive feedback, tweets, comments, reposts, emails, invites and general blogosphere niceness. Watching my stats page crawl, climb, rise and fall has been way more fun than it sounds. Thanks guys!

See you on the other side.

06 July 2012

Icons: A Special Place

Let me tell you about a special place.

For every summer of my childhood that I can remember my family would pack the car to the hilt and head down to The Shack. When I say The Beach it only ever means one place. Aldinga.

I can't count the hours I have spent doing nothing but staring out at the magnificent horizon. Usually surrounded by fantastic family and friends.

Here is where the sun sets on perfect days. Where there is stillness. Where the year ends and we awake to new years and new beginnings. Here is where you know everything will be ok.

To me, Aldinga Beach represents so much more than sun, sand and surf.

Not everyone has a home, but I hope you are all lucky enough to have a special place that brings happy memories straight to the surface.

03 May 2012

Do: Watch your Shorts

Last night I rounded up the closest people I could find and took them with me to Shorts, the national week long short film festival held annually right here in Adelaide. I would suggest you do the same but I can't take any responsibility for who you might be close to right now. And unfortunately the rest of this year's sessions are now completely sold out. Luckily there's always next year. Here's what you can expect.

Cheap tickets. $15 full/$12 concession. That's less than $1.50 per movie.

A town hall. Town halls are always a bit of an unknown. Where do all those stairs take you? What's behind those doors? When will the town ghost make an appearance?

Round tables. You're all equals here. Film critic, film maker, film watcher.

A big screen. Quite important for a film festival. You don't even have to BYO iPad or similar, here you can watch on a good old fashioned material screen.

Drinks and food. From the talented Let Them Eat team, platters are available in all your top hit varieties. Drinks flow from near and far. No popcorn, but we did find some darn cute choc tops. Can choc tops be cute? You decide.

Short films. Oh yeah, there are some films to watch. Usually when the lights go dark you know it's time to get down to business. All genres are represented without discrimination, with story lines neatly wrapped up in ten minutes flat. Or thereabouts.

Opinions. The great things is that everyone has one. The not so great thing is that everyone has one.

Bathroom line ups. Well it can't be a movie night without a bladder close to bursting. Some things always stay the same.

Like, camera, action! If you're so inclined. Support the arts, the people behind them and the people bringing these festivals to a town you're in.

20 April 2012

Eat: Wake up and Grind It

Awake from a slumber! Sleeping is great. Sometimes waking up isn't so great. But breakfast should be. Especially if you can wangle a seat at Grind It on a beautiful sunny autumn weekend.

Grind It at Glenelg is a very popular spot and rightly so. The food is fantastic. The chai lattes are perfect. The find and secure a seat game is strategic. This is not a place for people in a rush or groups of more than four but, if you've got time up your sleeve and friends who don't mind bumping elbows, you will be rewarded. Eventually.

Here's what you might like to order. From top left clockwise – Fruit salad & yoghurt, French toast with fresh pear, Club BLT with avocado & poached egg and Polenta Johnny cakes.

Our share plate spin on the Johnny cakes.

I've been steadily making my way through the menu on each of my visits and I'm yet to be disappointed. Two thumbs up.

Grind It on Urbanspoon

16 March 2012

Giveaway: You've made it half way

This weekend, Adelaide is going to be crazy. Not only have we welcomed the entire 2012 Australian Olympic Swimming Team to town, we are also hosting the NAB Cup Grand Final at AAMI Stadium on Saturday night, it’s the last weekend of The Festivals and The End of The World, not to mention St Pat’s Day which is sure to bring some interesting characters, some interesting wigs and some interestingly coloured beer to the city streets.

So in celebration of all this madness, and to celebrate having made it half way through March in one piece, I’m doing a little giveaway!

Here’s the deal, leave a comment below about your favourite Mad March experience – past, present or future – and you’ll go into the draw for two tickets to tomorrow night's sold out Australian Swimming Championships Night Session, Saturday 17th March. Can Ian Thorpe do it? Can he book his ticket direct to London? Be there to witness all the action live!

A little note: Entries close at midnight CST tonight (16/3/12). Winner will be chosen at random via an independent number generator. I have purchased these tickets myself and will email the PDF copy of tickets directly to the winner by 10am tomorrow (17/3/12). Click here for the schedule of event finals.

Good luck!

Update: This giveaway has now closed. Congratulations Ali! The tickets are on their way to you! 

08 March 2012

Must Do: The Vinteloper Urban Winery Project

It’s not just another day in Adelaide when you stumble across a Pop Up Winery.

Part art installation, part working micro winery, part tasting bar. The Vinteloper Urban Winery Project is a free public space for use however attendees see fit. From a unique and casual meeting spot to hands on production, you choose how dirty you want to get.

Since Vinteloper’s first release in 2009, winemaker David Bowley has been bringing his passion, enthusiasm and talent to the general public in exciting and interesting formats. Just like his ADELO varietal blend, the more obscure an idea may sound, the better it seems to turn out. From the infamous Great Pinot Pick to Intimate New Release Tasting Sessions and now, with his best idea yet, the Vinteloper Urban Winery Project.

What’s the image you have in your head right now? If it’s rustic, if it’s a little bit alternative, and a whole lotta cool, well then heck, you’re pretty much spot on.

Running until April 1, this is a rare, conceptual event that you really don’t want to miss.

The Vinteloper Urban Winery Project
Noon to midnight daily
188 Grenfell St, Adelaide
Follow the happenings on twitter #VUWP

26 February 2012

Taste: Cellar Door Wine Festival

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Gosh darn, it is HOT in Adelaide! I'd love to know how you escaped the heat this weekend? I trust air-conditioning was involved..

Yesterday I took my heavy head and slightly tired body (see Fringe opening night) to the Convention Centre on North Tce. This year it forms part of the Fringe's newest precinct, The Big Slapple.

The Cellar Door Wine Festival is in its second year and here's hoping it stays around for a long while. Providing a fantastic chance to taste wine, beer and cider from far and wide regions of the state, it's like the ultimate wine tour where everyone's invited.

By prepurchasing our entry tickets, we bypassed the short line up for admission and waltzed straight through. We then collected our glasses and event passports. We were in. I love a well organised event, especially one filled with passionate people who live and breath the love of their industry. The talent is tangible.

Four hours passed quickly in a whirl of tastings, talking, temptations and toilet breaks. I tried a lot. Learnt a lot. And that doesn't even include fortified hour.

Don't worry if you haven't been yet. There's still time! Although you might find some stands unattended later in the day, apparently there are some grapes ready to be picked…

Last day today, 11am-6pm
Tickets available at the door

24 February 2012

Fringe: Why don't you?

The buzz has been building. Some people have already seen a show or two. But Fringe official opening night is TONIGHT. People and parties pulling in every direction! Complete madness awaits. And someone turned on the weather all right!

If you’re heading to the east end of town tonight, why don’t you…
  • Take a picnic in the beautiful Botanic Gardens before the sun sets.
  • Capture a different view at the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Atop the Ferris Wheel? Or take a PEEP
  • Or maybe you’ll chance it on some late night Gluttony?

Have fun, stay safe and let the night lead you astray. Maybe I’ll see you there?

18 February 2012

Icons: The Leicester's Schnitzels

In Adelaide, there is a place where legends are made. Men and women gather to measure their worth against the might and power of the holy schnitzel. Mysteriously oversized pieces or meat, crumbed and fried to perfection, await their fate.

The Earl of Leicester lies in the leafy streets of Parkside, minutes from the city's edge. Famous or infamous, depending on who you ask, one thing the locals agree on here is that size matters. You might want to start small. I won't assume to know what impresses your friends, but sooner or later the mind games begin.

Choose your prey. Chicken or beef.
Wait patiently. This place gets busy.
Attack. Etiquette, please.
Breathe. It's only a race if someone calls it early.

The challenge is on. But even if you fail, the good news is that you can always come back and try again next week. Even legends are allowed an off day.

Earl Of Leicester on Urbanspoon

11 February 2012

Do: Relive the Magic

Confession time. I'm going against my own written word. For the majority* of this month I'm not rediscovering Adelaide one drink at a time. No siree, I'm trying out no drink at a time instead. Really it's only one letter different.

In lieu of drinks, what's a girl and her gaggle of cohorts to do on a Friday night? Mini Golf of course. Putt putt it out.

So there we were. On our way to The Beachouse. And 1999. Previously in existence as Magic Mountain, the mountain is long gone but the magic remains. Marketed as an Entertainment and Amusement Centre, this is wholesome fun for the whole family. Arcade games, waterslides, train, bumper boats, dodgem cars, you get the idea. For around $9.50 you can wander around the golf course for two hours and relive what once was. For the uninitiated, why not make some new memories?

A slight skirt around the five person max rule and we were off and running. Well, walking slowly around a tightly laid out lush, synthetic green 18 hole course. Unfortunately, whoever curated this particular course must have forgotten to take their imagination pills. We encountered a repetitive theme of misplaced boxes, not that there's anything wrong with that. Luckily the view is lovely, and if you time it well enough, the sunset's a complimentary bonus.

When you're done, reward your hard work with dessert. Bracegirdles for the hole in one. Winner's shout.

The Beachouse
Colley Terrace, Glenelg
Ph. 08 8295 1511
Click here for opening hours

*That is, until Feb 24. When all bets are, most certainly, off.

04 February 2012

Do: Behind Closed Doors

For those wondering why the streets are so quiet, I suggest you listen harder. There's something happening behind closed doors in the burbs of Adelaide that you should be aware of, but if anyone asks, you didn't hear it from me.

The game's changed. Poker nights aren't just for the boys anymore. They're for everyone. Hosting a night of friendly Texas Hold'em is easy and the laughs are usually free, even if the entry fee isn't. It's pretty simple really, just start with making these four simple choices.

The right mix: Choose your poker buddies wisely. Short attention spans and card games don't mix well. People who bring awesome dessert platters do.

The right place: Nominate your friend with the most comfortable dining set. Offer to load the dishwasher.

The right tunes: There is just no excuse anymore. Online radio is your new best friend. My sneaky suggestion? When guests ask what they can bring, tell them to bring their ultimate poker playlist.

The right cocktail: Gin's the new vodka. Also try to make sure there's enough for everyone, 1kg of peaches doesn't actually make that much juice.

I find that my friends like a bit of direction. Outline the house rules, schedule in drinks (and bathroom) breaks and set an end time. Make sure everyone knows you're playing for keeps. And bragging rights.

Poker night, not everyone's a winner, but everyone's a playa.

19 January 2012

Do: The Beginner's Guide to Preparing for Fringe

Let's talk Fringe. You know it's coming and perhaps, like me, you've been self appointed social coordinator for all 24 days and nights of the Festival? Don't stress! Planning can be fun. Here are my top 5 tips for Fringe 2012...

1. Choosing a show is half the fun.
With over 800 shows, events and exhibitions to choose from you might be at a loss as to where to start. I suggest turning this part of the process into a fun game. Here are two ideas:

Grab an empty esky. Get your program, cut out the shows you're interested in and then pick one out of said esky. Fill esky with plenty of ice and cold cider. Drink responsibly with friends.

Pour yourself a glass of Vinteloper Pinot Gris. Write down your favourite number between 15 and 111. Turn to the corresponding page in the hard copy (or online) of the guide and let your fingers do the walking. On a sliding scale, depending on how many glasses you consume, shows may or may not appear more appealing.

2. Place at least one sure bet.
Ok, you've had your fun (above), now it's time to get serious. Sometimes you're out to impress or sometimes you just want a guaranteed laugh. When spontaneity and taking a chance aren't options, turn to YouTube. Take a look at the bigger ads in the program guide and then check out some online clips of past performances. You'll soon work out who warrants the biggest slice of your hard earned.

My personal sure thing? Tommy Little's A Fistful of Apologies.

3. Know your region.
The CBD of Adelaide is usually pretty easy to navigate. But during Fringe, and the rest of Mad March, it's a good idea to have a rough plan in place for travel between point A and point B. Maybe you'll take a chance by hopping aboard the Tour of the Unexpected Free Bus?

Perhaps you're heading to the Garden of Unearthly Delights? If you don't have a ticket for an inside show you're probably going to have to line up, so pack a snack. Thinking about checking out The Big Slapple? Combine a visit to Cellar Door Fest with a late night show.

Want to get out of Adelaide? Desert Fringe is being held in Port Augusta March 2-3 or head to Fringe in Goolwa, March 11, held as part of the year long Just Add Water program.

4. Prepare for Opening Night
Friday 24th February is when things really heat up. A little bit of preparation goes a long way here.

Book your tickets early, meaning now, if you haven't already.

Decide on a meeting spot and stick to it. Don't rely on mobile phones or "I'll call you when I get there" as phone reception is likely to cut out at any moment.

Distribute tickets early. There's nothing worse than having to wait on Tim that notorious late comer. Every man for himself is a good veiled threat to throw around in this instance.

Pack a jacket. Apparently your Mum was right, it can get cold once the sun goes down. No one likes having to leave a party just when things are getting interesting, especially if the only good excuse you have is "I was just too cold".

And the best tip for opening night? $5 TICKETS, yeah that.

5. Join the conversation.
One saying is A problem shared is a problem halved. Another (albeit slightly newer) saying is A Fringe ticket hot tip shared is a hot tip karma gold mine. What's the stat about people who tell their friends about a bad experience compared to a good one? WE CAN CHANGE THAT!

Talk about what you've seen, who you're keen to see, where's got cheap tickets, who didn't cut the mustard last time, etc, until you're sick of your own voice.

Throw out the question to your Facebook mates. I bet you'll be surprised by some of your friends' tastes. You might even learn something new about that random acquaintance who added you last week.

Read blogs, reviews and twitter updates. Leave a comment, give a reviewer your own piece of mind and retweet til your heart's content. Not on twitter? You should be. PS. The official hashtags to use and abuse are #ADLFringe and #TalkFringe.

So there you have it! I hope you'll find something useful to help you enjoy the Fringe experience just that little bit more. Buckle up.

05 January 2012

Eat: e'nuf Burger Bar

O burger, where art thou?

e’nuf Burgers and summer go together. It’s an undisputed fact. You can just tell that the kids working there love* their summer job, cause they’re working at one of the coolest burger bars around. Unfortunately it’s not literally one of the coolest, it can get pretty hot next to the grill, but this ain’t no sweatshop. This is just fresh, handmade-to-satisfy burgers.

Beachside locations are handy. There’s only so far you want to walk after a lazy day by the water. Conveniently e’nuf Burger Bar’s two locations are Glenelg and Brighton. Very practical.

The menu is huge, with over 25 different burger combinations to choose from. Then there are chips, onion rings and milkshakes to think about. It could be overwhelming. But it isn’t.

Steak – thin strips of tenderised steak, camembert cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramalised onion, bacon & mayo.

eNUF Burger – beef patty, cheese, caramelised onion, bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, relish & mayo.

Drunken Lamb – slow marinated lamb, red onion, lettuce, mint, cucumber, cheese and tzatziki.

Burgers should be simple. Simple and delicious. Which is exactly what e’nuf Burger Bar strives to be. I know you’ve been keeping to your New Year Exercise Regime so it’s ok to treat yourself. And even if you haven’t we all know it’s waaaaay too hot to be in the kitchen.

*There’s a fine line between love and hate anyway.

Enuf Burger Bar on Urbanspoon