26 February 2012

Taste: Cellar Door Wine Festival

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Gosh darn, it is HOT in Adelaide! I'd love to know how you escaped the heat this weekend? I trust air-conditioning was involved..

Yesterday I took my heavy head and slightly tired body (see Fringe opening night) to the Convention Centre on North Tce. This year it forms part of the Fringe's newest precinct, The Big Slapple.

The Cellar Door Wine Festival is in its second year and here's hoping it stays around for a long while. Providing a fantastic chance to taste wine, beer and cider from far and wide regions of the state, it's like the ultimate wine tour where everyone's invited.

By prepurchasing our entry tickets, we bypassed the short line up for admission and waltzed straight through. We then collected our glasses and event passports. We were in. I love a well organised event, especially one filled with passionate people who live and breath the love of their industry. The talent is tangible.

Four hours passed quickly in a whirl of tastings, talking, temptations and toilet breaks. I tried a lot. Learnt a lot. And that doesn't even include fortified hour.

Don't worry if you haven't been yet. There's still time! Although you might find some stands unattended later in the day, apparently there are some grapes ready to be picked…

Last day today, 11am-6pm
Tickets available at the door


  1. Umbrella have you heard about FebFast this year?

  2. Shit, is it still February? My bad.


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