03 May 2012

Do: Watch your Shorts

Last night I rounded up the closest people I could find and took them with me to Shorts, the national week long short film festival held annually right here in Adelaide. I would suggest you do the same but I can't take any responsibility for who you might be close to right now. And unfortunately the rest of this year's sessions are now completely sold out. Luckily there's always next year. Here's what you can expect.

Cheap tickets. $15 full/$12 concession. That's less than $1.50 per movie.

A town hall. Town halls are always a bit of an unknown. Where do all those stairs take you? What's behind those doors? When will the town ghost make an appearance?

Round tables. You're all equals here. Film critic, film maker, film watcher.

A big screen. Quite important for a film festival. You don't even have to BYO iPad or similar, here you can watch on a good old fashioned material screen.

Drinks and food. From the talented Let Them Eat team, platters are available in all your top hit varieties. Drinks flow from near and far. No popcorn, but we did find some darn cute choc tops. Can choc tops be cute? You decide.

Short films. Oh yeah, there are some films to watch. Usually when the lights go dark you know it's time to get down to business. All genres are represented without discrimination, with story lines neatly wrapped up in ten minutes flat. Or thereabouts.

Opinions. The great things is that everyone has one. The not so great thing is that everyone has one.

Bathroom line ups. Well it can't be a movie night without a bladder close to bursting. Some things always stay the same.

Like, camera, action! If you're so inclined. Support the arts, the people behind them and the people bringing these festivals to a town you're in.