26 February 2012

Taste: Cellar Door Wine Festival

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Gosh darn, it is HOT in Adelaide! I'd love to know how you escaped the heat this weekend? I trust air-conditioning was involved..

Yesterday I took my heavy head and slightly tired body (see Fringe opening night) to the Convention Centre on North Tce. This year it forms part of the Fringe's newest precinct, The Big Slapple.

The Cellar Door Wine Festival is in its second year and here's hoping it stays around for a long while. Providing a fantastic chance to taste wine, beer and cider from far and wide regions of the state, it's like the ultimate wine tour where everyone's invited.

By prepurchasing our entry tickets, we bypassed the short line up for admission and waltzed straight through. We then collected our glasses and event passports. We were in. I love a well organised event, especially one filled with passionate people who live and breath the love of their industry. The talent is tangible.

Four hours passed quickly in a whirl of tastings, talking, temptations and toilet breaks. I tried a lot. Learnt a lot. And that doesn't even include fortified hour.

Don't worry if you haven't been yet. There's still time! Although you might find some stands unattended later in the day, apparently there are some grapes ready to be picked…

Last day today, 11am-6pm
Tickets available at the door

24 February 2012

Fringe: Why don't you?

The buzz has been building. Some people have already seen a show or two. But Fringe official opening night is TONIGHT. People and parties pulling in every direction! Complete madness awaits. And someone turned on the weather all right!

If you’re heading to the east end of town tonight, why don’t you…
  • Take a picnic in the beautiful Botanic Gardens before the sun sets.
  • Capture a different view at the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Atop the Ferris Wheel? Or take a PEEP
  • Or maybe you’ll chance it on some late night Gluttony?

Have fun, stay safe and let the night lead you astray. Maybe I’ll see you there?

18 February 2012

Icons: The Leicester's Schnitzels

In Adelaide, there is a place where legends are made. Men and women gather to measure their worth against the might and power of the holy schnitzel. Mysteriously oversized pieces or meat, crumbed and fried to perfection, await their fate.

The Earl of Leicester lies in the leafy streets of Parkside, minutes from the city's edge. Famous or infamous, depending on who you ask, one thing the locals agree on here is that size matters. You might want to start small. I won't assume to know what impresses your friends, but sooner or later the mind games begin.

Choose your prey. Chicken or beef.
Wait patiently. This place gets busy.
Attack. Etiquette, please.
Breathe. It's only a race if someone calls it early.

The challenge is on. But even if you fail, the good news is that you can always come back and try again next week. Even legends are allowed an off day.

Earl Of Leicester on Urbanspoon

11 February 2012

Do: Relive the Magic

Confession time. I'm going against my own written word. For the majority* of this month I'm not rediscovering Adelaide one drink at a time. No siree, I'm trying out no drink at a time instead. Really it's only one letter different.

In lieu of drinks, what's a girl and her gaggle of cohorts to do on a Friday night? Mini Golf of course. Putt putt it out.

So there we were. On our way to The Beachouse. And 1999. Previously in existence as Magic Mountain, the mountain is long gone but the magic remains. Marketed as an Entertainment and Amusement Centre, this is wholesome fun for the whole family. Arcade games, waterslides, train, bumper boats, dodgem cars, you get the idea. For around $9.50 you can wander around the golf course for two hours and relive what once was. For the uninitiated, why not make some new memories?

A slight skirt around the five person max rule and we were off and running. Well, walking slowly around a tightly laid out lush, synthetic green 18 hole course. Unfortunately, whoever curated this particular course must have forgotten to take their imagination pills. We encountered a repetitive theme of misplaced boxes, not that there's anything wrong with that. Luckily the view is lovely, and if you time it well enough, the sunset's a complimentary bonus.

When you're done, reward your hard work with dessert. Bracegirdles for the hole in one. Winner's shout.

The Beachouse
Colley Terrace, Glenelg
Ph. 08 8295 1511
Click here for opening hours

*That is, until Feb 24. When all bets are, most certainly, off.

04 February 2012

Do: Behind Closed Doors

For those wondering why the streets are so quiet, I suggest you listen harder. There's something happening behind closed doors in the burbs of Adelaide that you should be aware of, but if anyone asks, you didn't hear it from me.

The game's changed. Poker nights aren't just for the boys anymore. They're for everyone. Hosting a night of friendly Texas Hold'em is easy and the laughs are usually free, even if the entry fee isn't. It's pretty simple really, just start with making these four simple choices.

The right mix: Choose your poker buddies wisely. Short attention spans and card games don't mix well. People who bring awesome dessert platters do.

The right place: Nominate your friend with the most comfortable dining set. Offer to load the dishwasher.

The right tunes: There is just no excuse anymore. Online radio is your new best friend. My sneaky suggestion? When guests ask what they can bring, tell them to bring their ultimate poker playlist.

The right cocktail: Gin's the new vodka. Also try to make sure there's enough for everyone, 1kg of peaches doesn't actually make that much juice.

I find that my friends like a bit of direction. Outline the house rules, schedule in drinks (and bathroom) breaks and set an end time. Make sure everyone knows you're playing for keeps. And bragging rights.

Poker night, not everyone's a winner, but everyone's a playa.