04 February 2012

Do: Behind Closed Doors

For those wondering why the streets are so quiet, I suggest you listen harder. There's something happening behind closed doors in the burbs of Adelaide that you should be aware of, but if anyone asks, you didn't hear it from me.

The game's changed. Poker nights aren't just for the boys anymore. They're for everyone. Hosting a night of friendly Texas Hold'em is easy and the laughs are usually free, even if the entry fee isn't. It's pretty simple really, just start with making these four simple choices.

The right mix: Choose your poker buddies wisely. Short attention spans and card games don't mix well. People who bring awesome dessert platters do.

The right place: Nominate your friend with the most comfortable dining set. Offer to load the dishwasher.

The right tunes: There is just no excuse anymore. Online radio is your new best friend. My sneaky suggestion? When guests ask what they can bring, tell them to bring their ultimate poker playlist.

The right cocktail: Gin's the new vodka. Also try to make sure there's enough for everyone, 1kg of peaches doesn't actually make that much juice.

I find that my friends like a bit of direction. Outline the house rules, schedule in drinks (and bathroom) breaks and set an end time. Make sure everyone knows you're playing for keeps. And bragging rights.

Poker night, not everyone's a winner, but everyone's a playa.

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