11 February 2012

Do: Relive the Magic

Confession time. I'm going against my own written word. For the majority* of this month I'm not rediscovering Adelaide one drink at a time. No siree, I'm trying out no drink at a time instead. Really it's only one letter different.

In lieu of drinks, what's a girl and her gaggle of cohorts to do on a Friday night? Mini Golf of course. Putt putt it out.

So there we were. On our way to The Beachouse. And 1999. Previously in existence as Magic Mountain, the mountain is long gone but the magic remains. Marketed as an Entertainment and Amusement Centre, this is wholesome fun for the whole family. Arcade games, waterslides, train, bumper boats, dodgem cars, you get the idea. For around $9.50 you can wander around the golf course for two hours and relive what once was. For the uninitiated, why not make some new memories?

A slight skirt around the five person max rule and we were off and running. Well, walking slowly around a tightly laid out lush, synthetic green 18 hole course. Unfortunately, whoever curated this particular course must have forgotten to take their imagination pills. We encountered a repetitive theme of misplaced boxes, not that there's anything wrong with that. Luckily the view is lovely, and if you time it well enough, the sunset's a complimentary bonus.

When you're done, reward your hard work with dessert. Bracegirdles for the hole in one. Winner's shout.

The Beachouse
Colley Terrace, Glenelg
Ph. 08 8295 1511
Click here for opening hours

*That is, until Feb 24. When all bets are, most certainly, off.

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