02 August 2018

Eat: Lost in a Forest

I suggest to you that pizza is one of life’s great simple pleasures.

I also suggest to you that a trip to Uraidla for a couple of shared pizzas at the intriguingly named Lost in a Forest is an Adelaide must do. Combine your trip with a visit to a local winery and/or nearby Hahndorf and you are well on your way to a quintessential Adelaide day out.

The bonus is that you don’t even need to get lost in a forest to find this place. It’s pretty easy to spot from the road.

What makes this trip worth it is the speck. Perhaps you are wondering if that is a stretch on my part. I guess there is only one way to find out.
We ordered the good doctor (confit garlic, brussel sprouts, SPECK, mozzarella and pecorino) and the buzzbomb (passata, mild soppressa, mozzarella, chilli infused honey).

The wood oven did its thing and produced two delicious pizzas with dough that is the stuff of dreams. That confit garlic stays with you for a few hours. Embrace it. We certainly had no room for dessert but if you do there is the option of a berries and cream dessert pizza. And I would certainly never judge anyone who orders it.
After cleaning our plates, we then rolled across the road for a drink at the Uraidla Hotel. If only a spot on the couch by the fire had been available… I might still be there now.

Lost in a Forest
1203 Greenhill Road
Uraidla SA 5142
08 8390 3444