22 December 2011

Eat: Duthy St Deli Cafe

Is it a Deli? Is it a Cafe?

Whichever it is, Duthy St Deli Cafe has been having a hard time of late over on Urbanspoon. Which made me feel overly cautious about choosing it as our Father-Daughter-Brother lunch option. Nevertheless, trepidation aside, we ventured in feeling positive. How can you not when the sky is blue and holidays are well and truly in sight?

For 12.30 on a weekday the place was bustling. In hindsight I should have made a booking but luckily we managed to score the last remaining outside table. We were rewarded with street views and the very popular 'as cars drive by' soundtrack. Lesson learnt. I will make a booking next time. And there will be a next time, all three of us were particularly happy with our menu choices on this occasion.

Haloumi salad with rocket, roast pumpkin, pine nuts and Duthy St balsamic and tahini dressing.

Lamburger with beetroot salsa.

Chicken, pesto and avocado pita.

The only thing lacking was a glass of wine. Or two. And I’m calling it a cafe, but only if you have to get technical.

Duthy Street Deli on Urbanspoon

08 December 2011

Do: Pub Trivia

I like Pubs. I like Trivia. Do you?

Torrens Arms Hotel, aka The TA, runs free weekly Tasty Trivia Tuesdays. Kick off is 7pm sharp. Allow yourself a bit of pregame time to settle in, grab a drink and read through the rules and regulations. Hang on, what? Written rules? Oh yeah, this is serious. There are CASH PRIZES people! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I hadn’t.

Pub Trivia takes the fun elements of Trivial Pursuit, combines them with real prizes plus real drinks and throws away the dice. The result being just you, your mates and a true test of who has the greatest amount of irrelevant knowledge stored in the back blocks of their mind. A little bit of friendly, harmless competition is good for you on a weeknight. And a good test of friendship. Are you sure that is Adam Gilchrist in position 3? Are you SURE?

Quizmaster Lindsay runs a smooth operation and keeps everyone to a tight schedule. Which is important if you want to get home in time for Survivor. Or is that just me?

Topics range from Who Am I to Sports Cars. Something for everyone really. And your efforts will be rewarded. We came a respectable third (ok so there were only four teams) and walked away with a bounty of prizes...

Up for the challenge? Game on.

Tasty Tuesday Trivia
Torrens Arms Hotel (TA Bar)
95 Belair Road
Ph. 8272 9255

03 December 2011

Eat: Arriba Grill

The search is over! Found: Good Mexican in Adelaide. Hello Arriba Grill.

It is without question my favourite cultural cuisine and whilst living across the border I was spoilt for choice when it came to high quality Mexican inspired food. For speed and easability, Mad Mex was where it was at. Like for like, Arriba Grill comes pretty close to matching those lofty heights of grande expectations. Cause for celebration indeed! I’ll bring the Coronas, you bring the blender and margarita ingredients. Deal?

Located a tad north of North Adelaide, you might spot Speedy on the sign along Prospect road. Pull over and step into the world of fresh and tasty made-to-order burritos. Think subway style, but a hundred times better. The choice is yours. In five easy steps. Choose your tortilla (or bowl), meat, extras, salsa, salads, guac etc. And voila!

So what makes this place better than others? It’s about quality ingredients really. These boys have done their research and the proof is in the pintos. All the dets on their use of organic ingredients can be read about here.

My one tiny gripe? The HOT sauce barely registered on the scorch scale. But in all other areas this place is plenty hot enough to make up for it.

Go forth and be happy, fellow burrito connoisseurs.

Arriba Grill on Urbanspoon