03 December 2011

Eat: Arriba Grill

The search is over! Found: Good Mexican in Adelaide. Hello Arriba Grill.

It is without question my favourite cultural cuisine and whilst living across the border I was spoilt for choice when it came to high quality Mexican inspired food. For speed and easability, Mad Mex was where it was at. Like for like, Arriba Grill comes pretty close to matching those lofty heights of grande expectations. Cause for celebration indeed! I’ll bring the Coronas, you bring the blender and margarita ingredients. Deal?

Located a tad north of North Adelaide, you might spot Speedy on the sign along Prospect road. Pull over and step into the world of fresh and tasty made-to-order burritos. Think subway style, but a hundred times better. The choice is yours. In five easy steps. Choose your tortilla (or bowl), meat, extras, salsa, salads, guac etc. And voila!

So what makes this place better than others? It’s about quality ingredients really. These boys have done their research and the proof is in the pintos. All the dets on their use of organic ingredients can be read about here.

My one tiny gripe? The HOT sauce barely registered on the scorch scale. But in all other areas this place is plenty hot enough to make up for it.

Go forth and be happy, fellow burrito connoisseurs.

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  1. You need to take me there for my Christmas present!

  2. This place is fantastic!! Totally agree with you on the 'hot' sauce comment. :)


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