22 December 2011

Eat: Duthy St Deli Cafe

Is it a Deli? Is it a Cafe?

Whichever it is, Duthy St Deli Cafe has been having a hard time of late over on Urbanspoon. Which made me feel overly cautious about choosing it as our Father-Daughter-Brother lunch option. Nevertheless, trepidation aside, we ventured in feeling positive. How can you not when the sky is blue and holidays are well and truly in sight?

For 12.30 on a weekday the place was bustling. In hindsight I should have made a booking but luckily we managed to score the last remaining outside table. We were rewarded with street views and the very popular 'as cars drive by' soundtrack. Lesson learnt. I will make a booking next time. And there will be a next time, all three of us were particularly happy with our menu choices on this occasion.

Haloumi salad with rocket, roast pumpkin, pine nuts and Duthy St balsamic and tahini dressing.

Lamburger with beetroot salsa.

Chicken, pesto and avocado pita.

The only thing lacking was a glass of wine. Or two. And I’m calling it a cafe, but only if you have to get technical.

Duthy Street Deli on Urbanspoon


  1. I go here quite often but only ever for breakfast / brunch - I've never been there for lunch! But looking at those pictures of the food I think I'll have to make an effort and try it.

    Thanks for pointing to those reviews on UrbanSpoon too - ouch! That's the problem with online review websites though - often more negative than positive.

  2. So true about online reviews Kate. I try to keep things positive around here.. Although sometimes I'd love to vent. Loudly. Better to say nothing most of the time!


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