05 January 2012

Eat: e'nuf Burger Bar

O burger, where art thou?

e’nuf Burgers and summer go together. It’s an undisputed fact. You can just tell that the kids working there love* their summer job, cause they’re working at one of the coolest burger bars around. Unfortunately it’s not literally one of the coolest, it can get pretty hot next to the grill, but this ain’t no sweatshop. This is just fresh, handmade-to-satisfy burgers.

Beachside locations are handy. There’s only so far you want to walk after a lazy day by the water. Conveniently e’nuf Burger Bar’s two locations are Glenelg and Brighton. Very practical.

The menu is huge, with over 25 different burger combinations to choose from. Then there are chips, onion rings and milkshakes to think about. It could be overwhelming. But it isn’t.

Steak – thin strips of tenderised steak, camembert cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramalised onion, bacon & mayo.

eNUF Burger – beef patty, cheese, caramelised onion, bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, relish & mayo.

Drunken Lamb – slow marinated lamb, red onion, lettuce, mint, cucumber, cheese and tzatziki.

Burgers should be simple. Simple and delicious. Which is exactly what e’nuf Burger Bar strives to be. I know you’ve been keeping to your New Year Exercise Regime so it’s ok to treat yourself. And even if you haven’t we all know it’s waaaaay too hot to be in the kitchen.

*There’s a fine line between love and hate anyway.

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  1. The burger looks juicy. The ingredients are quite fresh looking. I will be sure to drop by when I visit Adelaide.


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