18 February 2012

Icons: The Leicester's Schnitzels

In Adelaide, there is a place where legends are made. Men and women gather to measure their worth against the might and power of the holy schnitzel. Mysteriously oversized pieces or meat, crumbed and fried to perfection, await their fate.

The Earl of Leicester lies in the leafy streets of Parkside, minutes from the city's edge. Famous or infamous, depending on who you ask, one thing the locals agree on here is that size matters. You might want to start small. I won't assume to know what impresses your friends, but sooner or later the mind games begin.

Choose your prey. Chicken or beef.
Wait patiently. This place gets busy.
Attack. Etiquette, please.
Breathe. It's only a race if someone calls it early.

The challenge is on. But even if you fail, the good news is that you can always come back and try again next week. Even legends are allowed an off day.

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