06 July 2012

Icons: A Special Place

Let me tell you about a special place.

For every summer of my childhood that I can remember my family would pack the car to the hilt and head down to The Shack. When I say The Beach it only ever means one place. Aldinga.

I can't count the hours I have spent doing nothing but staring out at the magnificent horizon. Usually surrounded by fantastic family and friends.

Here is where the sun sets on perfect days. Where there is stillness. Where the year ends and we awake to new years and new beginnings. Here is where you know everything will be ok.

To me, Aldinga Beach represents so much more than sun, sand and surf.

Not everyone has a home, but I hope you are all lucky enough to have a special place that brings happy memories straight to the surface.


  1. We're very lucky in South Australia to have such awesome beaches. Mine is Yorkes and definitely represents more than sun, sand and surf to me. Haven't meant much time at Aldinga, but that beach looks great :)

  2. I used to live in Aldinga Beach and grew up in Moana. Greatest beaches in all of Adelaide for sure!


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