03 May 2011

Eat: Jerusalem Sheshkebab House

Dad and I made a date for lunch in the city and so began a series of searches for a suitable quick and cheap, but more importantly tasty, spot close by to his offices. It was daughter’s choice and I settled my decision on Jerusalem Sheshkebab House after reading about it here and here.
We arrived just after 1pm and the place was pretty empty. Under the watchful eye of a friendly camel, Dad and I seated ourselves in a small booth close to the entrance. I grabbed some menus from the counter and sat back down. Eventually someone came from the kitchen to take our order and we decided on the cauliflower and traditional lamb sheshkebab. We were umming and ahhing before the makeshift waiter suggested some hummus, salad and pita to go with it. Perfect.

Within two minutes our salad, pita and hummus had arrived.

Quickly followed by our hot dishes.

The hummus was lovely and rich, with olive oil and paprika. The salad was divided on the plate with half tabouli and half capsicum, tomato and cucumber in bite sized pieces. Pita bread was standard. Our cauliflower dish was served warm in a white sauce. Definitely not your traditional white sauce (b├ęchamel), this was instead a lovely blend of spiced yogurt and tahini. The charcoal grilled lamb was nicely marinated but unfortunately a little bit chewy. I put some in my pita and when I tried to take a bite the whole lot came with it.

The total price was a little bit higher than I expected ($45 for food detailed above plus two drinks) and service started very slowly. But overall, the dishes all hit the spot. I firmly believe you can’t go too wrong with a basic combination of some dips, pita and heavily marinated meat.

Simple, tasty, old school.
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