19 September 2011

Eat: Show us your mussels

Spring in Adelaide. It’s a beautiful thing. When the sun’s shining, the closest beer garden’s calling. And on this occasion, it was the Belgians. The Belgian Beer Cafe is neatly tucked out of harm’s way in the East End of the CBD. Why get distracted by passers-by when you can instead get distracted by a detailed eight page beer menu?
Drinks ordered. Thirst quenched. We then turned our attention to the food menu. How does a pot full of mussels sound? I’m not certain I even really like mussels but I’m all for the full experience and if mussels are the staple Belgian dish, then mussels it will be. Not to mention they come served in a massive traditional ‘Belgian Kilo Mussel Pot’. What?

Michelle opted for a much more sensible sausage and beer combo deal. But where’s the fun it that? Merguez ‘N’ Beer – Char grilled French beef sausage, caramelised onion, seeded mustard mayonnaise in a crusty bread roll served with pommes frites and a 330ml Stella Artois.

The Pot-O-Mussels comes served in your choice of six broths. I opted for Paddestoel – White wine, field mushroom, confit garlic, spring onion, cream, truffle oil and cracked pepper served with pommes frites and house made mayonnaise. It’s an impressive sight.

The creamy broth was as rich and heavy as it sounds. And although I’m assured this is indeed a serving for one, I didn’t stand a chance.

Reckon you’re up for the challenge? Mussel up boys. I think I’ll stick to the beer menu next time.

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