17 May 2011

Eat: What's the biggest pizza you've ever seen?

Saturday night, making new friends and reacquainting with old, celebrating for celebration’s sake. It’s cold outside so what better way than to warm up with wine and storytelling? The CCs are good, the Grain Waves even better. But suddenly you want something more. The crowd pleaser is pizza and your hosts know a good place.

Viva Pizzeria is your typically surburanesque local pizza joint. They’ve got all bases covered (pun intended) with standard favourites The Lot, Capricciosa, Meatlovers, Hawaiian and Vegetarian. As well as gourmet territory with examples such as the intriguing Chicken Caesar – chicken, onion, topped with creamy Caesar sauce and croutons – tempting the adventurous, or mad?

The art of knowing how much to order is a finely acquired skill. It takes practice and patience. How hungry are you? What about you? How much room is in the fridge for leftovers? Oh what the hell. Let’s order the 24” king size! Plus a couple of 18” party sized. Just to be safe.

We are warned there’ll be a wait of no less than an hour. That’s just to cook the king size.
So when the doorbell rings at 8.50pm, we’re all pleasantly surprised.. There’s no chance of fitting this on any normal sized coffee table.
Oh basil, how I love thee!
King sized:
American – tomato, cheese, salami.

Party sized half n half:
Chicken Supreme – tomato, cheese, chicken, pineapple, bbq sauce.
Margaritta – tomato, cheese, marinated tomato, basil.

Gourmet party sized half n half:
Gourmet Italiano – Salami, olives, sundried tomato, roast capsicum, basil.
Mamma’s Delight – Spinach, roast capsicum, prosciutto, basil.
Satisfied (anonymous) customers.
If you find yourself in the area, hungry and up for a challenge, I would highly recommend the Viva boys to anyone wanting a hit of cheesy goodness. Order early.
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  1. I disagree, we have been regulars here for 3 years now and the past few times the pizza has gone down hill terribly. burnt on a few occasions and hardly any toppings, not to mention the crappy garlic bread


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