04 August 2011

Eat: What's your definition of a burger?

Sadly, father daughter weekday lunch dates will soon be coming to an end. So to go out with a bang we headed for a big pub feed, with Dad wanting to pass his own judgement on SA’s I Love Food Award winning ‘Best Burger’ at the Gilbert Street Hotel. In my mind, a burger usually includes a patty of some sort, so I was in for a bit of a surprise. But who am I to argue with Australia's largest peoples' choice restaurant awards?

Gilbert Street Hotel is a sophisticated pub providing a little corner suited to everyone’s needs. With funky lighting and quirky art works, the decor throughout is cool yet unpretentious. Everyone is welcome and the crowd at any time of day reflects this fact. There’s front bar action with high tables and seating providing a good vantage point, a quaint dining room for the hard core foodies, an urban beer garden and newly renovated function rooms upstairs.

A range of papers and magazines are available for those stopping in for a drink on their own or, perhaps like me, waiting for that certain someone who’s never quite on time.. I settled in out front and soaked up the unexpected sunshine, with a copy of The Age and a Vale Ale.

Dad arrived soon after and with no need to consult the menu, we placed our order for two burgers. We were asked how we wanted our steaks (what?) cooked, and not wanting too many juices to get in the way of the burger experience, we both opted for medium. We headed out the back to claim a table, passing by the kitchen where some great looking dishes were being pumped out.

Our meals arrived, looking promising. MSA sirloin steak, smoky bacon, cheddar cheese, beetroot relish, onion jam and lettuce in toasted white bread roll, served with crispy battered fries.
I’m yet to be convinced this should be classified as a burger, and perhaps I might be the only person who cares (and has ever wasted time thinking about it). Yes, I have a strange desire for words to be used correctly, but I would never let that get in the way of a culinary tale. This is the best of both burger and steak sandwich worlds, and I’m certainly not complaining!
Good atmosphere, good staff, good beer list and good food. I am definitely keen to head back again soon to try some more adventurous menu options on my next visit. Gilbert Street Hotel is setting a nice standard for the so called ‘gastropub’. And Danny Stone’s cocktail list might very well seal the deal.

So, while I can’t cast my vote for best burger in Adelaide just yet, it’s a good starting point of reference. Let the burger (including steak sandwiches?) adventures begin!

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  1. Defo a steak roll... But defo looks delicious!!

  2. Can you get it double cut?

  3. The Gilbert also has $10 bowls of Buffalo Wings with hot sauce on Thursdays... Finger Licking Good :)


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