17 August 2011

Icons: Double Cut Roll

“Would you like that single or double cut?”

Ahh that’s a question I haven’t heard for far too long. Indeed it was music to the ears of a native South Australian who has lived elsewhere for a significant amount of time. Imagine my dismay when five years ago, I discovered that no one across the border had heard of such a thing as a double cut roll. Something that is standard in every sandwich bar across the city and suburbs of Adelaide.

The concept is simple. And fabulous. Order your fillings as per normal. But if you’re feeling hungry you can upgrade your roll to supersize. Instead of your standard one cut through the middle of said roll, now an additional two cuts are made. Hence, ‘double’ cut. Effectively the roll is divided in half and then these halves are halved again. Now you’ve got two spaces to insert your fillings of choice. Essentially two sandwiches on top of each other. But in roll form. Got it?
What follows is a perfect example, created by the talented ladies at Pat-a-Cake. Double cut roll with avocado and salad.

The answer is always double cut. If you’re in a state that offers it.


  1. First stop is a double cut roll next time I'm in radelaide!

  2. There is also SB's on Hutt Street that will ask you if you want a roll double cut :)

  3. Double cut is pretty much a standard at any good old deli.


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